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Sparrow OST from Johnnie To's film CD

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Image of Sparrow OST from Johnnie To's film CD

Music composed by Xavier Jamaux. Performed & Arranged by Xavier Jamaux & Fred Avril.

Cast: Simon Yam, Kelly Lin, Ka Tung Lam.
Production: MilkyWay Images.

The film was in competition at Berlin International Film Festival and won an award at Hong Kong Film critics Society Awards.
The Music was nominated for Best Original Film Score at Golden Horse Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Awards.


1 Opening
2 Pickpockets (Theme From Sparrow)
3 Smoking In A Coupé
4 Simon’s Ride
5 Gimme A Lift
6 Vertigo – The Ambush
7 Pickpockets In Disguise
8 Sparrows
9 Mister Fu
10 Alone At Night
11 Smoking In A Coupé (Alternate Version)
12 Ballet Of The Umbrellas
13 The Bay
14 Fishes In A Lift
15 Friends After All
16 End Theme
17 Pickpockets (Reprise)